Interagency Management Groups (IMGs)

There are 15 Interagency Management Groups (IMGs) around New Zealand with members from different Government organisations. Managers from Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children , Education and Health, (other professionals maybe involved) meet monthly to discuss the children and young people in their regions that are the most vulnerable and high-risk.

The aim of the IMGs is to seek better outcomes for children and young people who have unmet needs, where these needs are more complex that regular health, education and social services cannot provide the services the young people need.

IMGs accept referrals from practitioners and make decisions on the children and young people with the highest and most complex needs that will go onto have intensive "wrap around" programmes/services developed for them by an interagency team.

IMGs' leadership role

IMGs are expected to take on a strong and critical leadership role in decision making around children and young people.

Young people may meet the HCN criteria but this does not mean they are a priority. IMGs need to consider the 'bigger picture' and ask if the investment in time, energy or money will gain the trajectory shift in outcomes for the child or young person.

HCN Advisors NZ Map

The map shows how the different regions around New Zealand are divided up into 15 regions.