The children who benefit from HCN

HCN is for children and young people who:

  • are displaying behaviours that are risky to themselves or others
  • are experiencing difficult life events and have trouble trusting and getting on with other people
  • have a disability, a medical condition or mental health needs that cause challenges for them and their family.

If you are worried about your child or young person you will need to talk about this with the agency professionals working with you from either Health, Disability, Education, or Oranga Tamariki.

How we prioritise children with high and complex needs

  1. At least two agencies (Health, Education or Oranga Tamariki) agree the issues for the child or young person are complex and challenging and require an intensive service approach.
  2. Children and young people are preferably between 6 -14 years old at referral.
  3. The child or young person is exhibiting behaviours that create a risk to themselves or others.
  4. Many previous interventions have been tried and have not made improvements to positively advance the child or young person.
  5. There are significant service gaps that cannot be met by local providers.
  6. Specialist reports from Education, Health and Oranga Tamariki are available and strongly indicate there is a complexity of need.
  7. It is a requirement that the child or young person is in a long term placement or a long term placement has been identified for them to transition to.
  8. Evidence that existing collaboration of interventions and plans are in place.